EC2 ELB Godaddy Cert

Adding Godaddy Cert to EC2 ELB Setup AWS Command Line Interface

Setup instructions are found here:

Define your files and run these commands: # define these crtdomain=”” crtchain=”gd_bundle.crt” echo “converting to pem format” openssl rsa -in ${crtdomain}.key -out aws-${crtdomain}.key openssl x509 -in ${crtdomain}.crt -out aws-${crtdomain}.crt -outform PEM echo “uploading certificate ${crtdomain} to Amazon” aws . . . → Read More: EC2 ELB Godaddy Cert

logstash filters for ssh attempts


Logstash filters for ssh brute for, sudo auth failures, or failed login attempts

Filters grok { type => “syslog” patterns_dir => [“/opt/logstash/patterns”] pattern => [ “%{SYSLOGLINE}” ] } grep { type => “syslog” drop => false match => [ “@message”, “([fF]ailed|[fF]ailure).*password|authentication.*failure|incorrect.password” ] add_tag => [ “auth_failure” ] } grep { type => “syslog” drop . . . → Read More: logstash filters for ssh attempts

Logstash Logrotate Howto


I was facing two problems with my Logstash setup

Logstash service constantly required manual restarts (no longer indexing, hanging process) Local log files were filling up my root partition Symptom

Logstash failed to:

Index events in the queue Trim its own logs =) Cause Indexing

I’m not sure why it was failing to index. . . . → Read More: Logstash Logrotate Howto

git copy remote branch

git copy remote branch

Copy remote master branch to remote QA branch in git git push origin –delete QA git push origin master:QA Copy remote master branch to remote production branch in git git push origin –delete production git push origin master:production

Creating Hard Links in Windows


The NTFS file system implemented in NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP64, and Windows7 supports a facility known as hard links (referred to herein as Hardlinks). Hardlinks provide the ability to keep a single copy of a file yet have it appear in multiple folders (directories). They can be created with the POSIX . . . → Read More: Creating Hard Links in Windows

comcast throttling workaround

Recently I noticed Comcast was throttling my usenet connection. The solution? Use a nonstandard encrypted usenet port (ex: 443) if your service provider permits it.


I’d just like to say that USBANK IS A SCAM


That’s right, USBANK SCAM

They charge six dollars for statements older than eighteen months! They save an incredible amount of money by not having to mail me statements and now they are charging me to access old ones? They are scammers, . . . → Read More: USBANK SCAM