Install byobu Ubuntu Precise

To fix the infinite scrolling issue with byobu and Ubuntu precise install it the following way:

apt-get install byobu echo “at the next prompt select ‘screen’ as the backend” byobu-select-backend

SOLVED – callee rc: co_e_server_exec_failure (0×80080005)


callee rc: co_e_server_exec_failure (0×80080005)

When starting Virtualbox 4.2.10 on Windows 7 I was encountering this error

Failed to create the VirtualBox COM object. The application will now terminate. Callee RC: CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE (0×80080005) Cause

The problem is the %HOME%/.VirtualBox directory


To resolve the issue I followed these steps

Killed any VirtualBox .exe files . . . → Read More: SOLVED – callee rc: co_e_server_exec_failure (0×80080005)

Howto Add Hex Numbers via Command Line

Recently I needed to calculate the starting and ending memory addresses of an IOS application (in order to dump it). As a result i needed to figure out how to add two hex addresses. Here’s what I discovered.

Basic Example

In this case we are adding 0x4f000 and 0×2000

$ printf “0x%X\n” $(( 0x4f000+0×2000 )) . . . → Read More: Howto Add Hex Numbers via Command Line

How to Send Mail From Ubuntu Precise


To send mail from the command line in Ubuntu Precise

sudo apt-get install mailutils

If you mess up configuring or want to reconfigure

dpkg-reconfigure mailutils Sending your test email

Let’s send a test email!

echo “test email body” | mail -s “test email subject” [email protected] Debugging issues tail -f /var/log/mail.err tail -f /var/log/mail.log Config . . . → Read More: How to Send Mail From Ubuntu Precise

Logstash Logrotate Howto


I was facing two problems with my Logstash setup

Logstash service constantly required manual restarts (no longer indexing, hanging process) Local log files were filling up my root partition Symptom

Logstash failed to:

Index events in the queue Trim its own logs =) Cause Indexing

I’m not sure why it was failing to index. . . . → Read More: Logstash Logrotate Howto

bat file as administrator

I wanted to be able to run a bat file as administrator in order to have an easy shortcut to edit my windows hosts file. Here’s what I found

Shortcut to edit windows hosts file as Admin Creating the batch file

Paste this in a new notepad file and save it somewhere as hosts.bat

takeown . . . → Read More: bat file as administrator

restart service over ssh

I recently ran in to trouble restarting neo4j over ssh

here’s the fix:

From machine calling neo4j host ssh -f [email protected]$HOST ‘sh -c “( (nohup sudo /etc/init.d/neo4j-service restart 2>&1 >output.file </dev/null) & )”‘ Target Machine Sudoers

Replace “someuser” with whatever user name you want

someuser ALL=NOPASSWD:/etc/init.d/neo4j-service * References starting-remote-script-via-ssh-containing-nohup git-hub-neo4j-issue (I’ve also documented this on . . . → Read More: restart service over ssh

Testing SSL Chaining Issues

Recently I needed to debug an issue by testing SSL chaining issues My old standby tools (curl and openssl were not reporting any errors) The exception PKIX path validation failed: Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors Cause The cert from the keystore does not match the cert from . . . → Read More: Testing SSL Chaining Issues

Download a Single File from Amazon S3

How can we easily download a single file from Amazon S3?

Install s3cmd apt-get install ipset Setup s3cmd s3cmd –configure List your buckets and files s3cmd ls Download your file s3cmd get s3://bucket-name//file-name

Whitelist Entire Country with ipset

Goal: Whitelist an Entire Country with ipset For this article i’ll be referencing the github repository I set up at We have a few files there, specifically: * (a script to create an ipset ruleset) * Some example CIDR blocks for Italy (IT.txt), Spain (ES.txt), Great Britian (GB.txt), USA (US.TXT) * sample_firewall.txt (example . . . → Read More: Whitelist Entire Country with ipset