block adobe activation

To block adobe from phoning home you need to modify your hosts file: on a mac.. Open a “Terminal” and type:

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts


Save with: CONTROL + X An then type this to flush the DNS cache, and have your host file changes to take immediate effect: Code: dscacheutil -flushcache you’ve done it! block adobe activation a success!

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  • light

    i typed in terminal window on mac
    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

    and asked me for password (I put my system one in)
    then it took to a place never seen before, so I don’t know where to cut paste the suggestion above. It took me – still within terminal window – GNU nano 2.0.6 black backfill line and then a bunch of stuff about host database and also a bunch of options at bottom of screen.

    no idea what this means

    and do I need to change anything in suggestion or cut paste exactly as is?

    • ssstonebraker

      That’s the terminal editor. just arrow about until you get to a blank line, then right click on the terminal and hit paste (assuming you have the hosts you want to paste in your clipboard). When you finish editing hit hold CTRL and press X. It will ask you if you want to save the file. Type a “y” (no quotes) then hit enter

  • redonderus

    where do i type this bit when i’ve saved it?

    “dscacheutil -flushcache”

  • lê hoàng viễn

    cho tôi hỏi khi tôi mở photoshop cs2 ra nó hiện ra cái bảng adobe activation làm tôi không sử dụng được tôi phải làm sao ? cảm ơn

  • minifee

    I use it on my mac (lion) when I try to install a pirated version of adobe CS5. Unfortunately it does’nt work. My question is how to delete it because since i do this manipulation i can’t run applications from adobe. Tanks

    • ssstonebraker

      After you follow the steps above:
      1. Open CS5 and click on the help menu and select “Deactivate°≠”
      2. Select “Deactivate Permanently” then done. Quit CS5
      3. Open again and enter serial

  • mohsin

    ctrl + X wont work

  • Griffin

    whenever i try to type my password in, it wont let me type

    • ssstonebraker

      that is a security feature, you are actually typing in the password (but it isn’t displayed on the screen). Just type it in (and believe it is “invisible” why you are typing it), then hit enter.

  • new_b

    hi when i save it says no such file or hosts. am i doing something wrong?
    (on mountain lion)

  • gigi

    I love you. After upgrading to Mountain Lion all the suite won’t accept serials anymore.
    You save me!
    you are the best 🙂

  • Ramzi

    Any idea if this will work if I’m working behind a proxy? It’s driving me nuts that I can’t block activation but I NEED my proxy!

    • ssstonebraker

      Your local host file will be ignored and the DNS lookup will use the proxy instead. I suggest changing the local host file on the proxy if you can, otherwise you’ll need to set up some sort of rules to not route traffic to the proxy for those fully qualified domain names.

  • J_Beginner

    So I think I’ve done everything but When I click on The CS program and go up to the help menu the only thing it shows is a search bar. Is the “Deactivate°≠” supposed to show up instead. What did I miss. Thakns to anyone that can help!!!

  • no name

    Why the heck are Verisign servers are blocked? Looks dangerous.

  • nasstonebraker

    FYI for anyone on Ubuntu(possibly any Debian based distro) its /etc/hosts

  • question

    I want to get rid of the “block in my file host” but when i go to delete it, it wont allow me to do it. It makes me duplicate it. I basically just want to get rid of the patchand uninstall all my adobe products. how do i do this?

  • iconista

    “1. Open CS5 and click on the help menu and select “Deactivate°≠”
    2. Select “Deactivate Permanently” then done. Quit CS5
    3. Open again and enter serial”

    First, not Deactivate option available.

    Second, if I had a serial to enter, I wouldn’t be needing to block

    I would love your help on these two points. Please?


    There are some domains in your list that you don’t want to block!!!
    For example the verisign servers.

    Please take a look at this

  • kapil

    where this hosts cpoy paste? give me location and process.

  • ColorMeImpressed


  • Kayleigh

    It didn’t even block the activation and i did everything to the letter 🙁

  • k

    I get -bash: Code:dscacheutil: command not found

  • Kaham

    Followed everything, still did not prevent the providing process of a serial number

  • Vanessa

    Hello, I activated an adobe blocker on my HOSTS file but I need to remove it now, how can I do it?

  • dave

    Hi Steve, I have a legal copy of cs3 that the rat bastrads at adobe are locking me out. Is there anyway to block them. On my old mac pro I can unplug the ethernet and it works. On my newer mac pro (2012) it does not. I have reached out to the jerks and they want me to use there new version that sucks. The pen tool was way better than it is now. I use cs6 for all my retouching but cs3 for paths and a few 3rd party filters.
    I have receipts for my purchase of cs3.
    Any advice would be appreciated and I would be willing to pay for services so I can continue to use my cs3.


  • Thomas Q.

    Are those hosts same for cs6? I know I’ll have to change up the syntax up being it’s a newer OS. But will those lines still function ? Anybody? Any help would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks.

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