How to calculate bandwidth with freqency?

Equation: f * λ = c

f = frequency in Hertz (Hz = 1/sec)
λ = wavelength in meters (m)
c = the speed of light (approximately equal to 3*108 m/s)

Bandwidth = c\λ

nm = 10-9 m

subtract the difference between the bandwidth for the two values

Frequency (nm) Speed of Light Bandwidth (GHz)
850 300000000 352941.1765
851 300000000 352526.4395
Bandwidth Between: 414.7369876
Approx: 415 GHz
Frequency (nm) Speed of Light Bandwidth
1310 300000000 229007.6336
1311 300000000 228832.9519
Bandwidth Between: 174.6816427
Approx: 175 GHz
Frequency (nm) Speed of Light Bandwidth
1550 300000000 193548.3871
1551 300000000 193423.5977
Bandwidth Between: 124.7894179
Approx: 125 GHz

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Last modified: March 7, 2011



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