backup perfmon counters

How to backup your perfmon counters

The easiest way to backup your perfmon counters is to use the lodctr tool


Registers new Performance counter names and Explain text for a service or device driver, and saves and restores counter settings and Explain text.

Syntax lodctr [\\ComputerName] FileName [/s:FileName] [/r:FileName] Example lodctr /s:”perf backup1.txt” . . . → Read More: backup perfmon counters

Howto Convert a ESXv5 to ESXv4 VM

Howto Convert a ESXv5 to ESXv4 VM

This details the steps needed to convert a machine from ESXv5 to ESXv4

Convert OVA to VMX On ESXv5 Machine, Export the VMWare ESX5 Machine to OVF (File -> Export -> Export OVF Template) Download ovftool

Convert ova to vmx (ignoring manifest errors)

ovftool sourefile.ova destfile.vmx (make sure . . . → Read More: Howto Convert a ESXv5 to ESXv4 VM

remove magnify.exe

Problem You hate magnify.exe yet you are unable to delete magnify.exe Solution Take ownership of magnify.exe Move it to a new filename Celebrate i_hate_magnify.bat takeown /f “%windir%\system32\Magnify.exe” && icacls “%windir%\system32\Magnify.exe” /grant administrators:F echo “Took ownership of Magnify.exe!” move “%windir%\system32\Magnify.exe” “%windir%\system32\Magnify.exe.ihateyou” pause

SOLVED – callee rc: co_e_server_exec_failure (0x80080005)


callee rc: co_e_server_exec_failure (0x80080005)

When starting Virtualbox 4.2.10 on Windows 7 I was encountering this error

Failed to create the VirtualBox COM object. The application will now terminate. Callee RC: CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE (0x80080005) Cause

The problem is the %HOME%/.VirtualBox directory


To resolve the issue I followed these steps

Killed any VirtualBox .exe files that . . . → Read More: SOLVED – callee rc: co_e_server_exec_failure (0x80080005)

bat file as administrator

I wanted to be able to run a bat file as administrator in order to have an easy shortcut to edit my windows hosts file. Here’s what I found

Shortcut to edit windows hosts file as Admin Creating the batch file

Paste this in a new notepad file and save it somewhere as hosts.bat

takeown . . . → Read More: bat file as administrator

curl on windows with https

The easiest way to get curl on windows with HTTPS is to simply download and install the git package then add

c:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin

as an environment variable to allow you to run curl from anywhere.

Don’t forget when running curl commands in a DOS prompt to use double quotes.


curl -d “a=fpurge_ts” . . . → Read More: curl on windows with https

active directory cheatsheet

Active Directory Cheat Sheet

This page contains my Active Directory Cheat Sheet. A list of collected one liners and vb scripts. Enjoy and feel free to add some yourself via comments!

Active Directory One Liners

This isn’t so much a script as an awesome way to reset an active directory user’s password.

How to Reset . . . → Read More: active directory cheatsheet

Creating Hard Links in Windows


The NTFS file system implemented in NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP64, and Windows7 supports a facility known as hard links (referred to herein as Hardlinks). Hardlinks provide the ability to keep a single copy of a file yet have it appear in multiple folders (directories). They can be created with the POSIX . . . → Read More: Creating Hard Links in Windows

delete duplicate files windows

The best tool i’ve found to delete duplicate files windows is sfk (aka “Swiss File Knife”).


1. Download Swiss File knife from there homepage

2. Extract and copy to C:\windows


sfk dupfind -dir anydir [-file .ext1 .ext2]

find and list duplicate files.

options -diffdirs list only duplicates residing in different root directories. this . . . → Read More: delete duplicate files windows

convert .crt .key or .pfx to .pem


Convert your .crt and .key or .pfx file to a .pem file


OpenSSL– This tool will do the conversion Note: If you have Visual SVN Server then openssl is located at:

“%VISUALSVN_SERVER%\bin\openssl” Converting .crt .key to .pem

This section describes how to convert a .crt and .key file to .pem

Linux/Unix/MacOS/Windows Convert .crt . . . → Read More: convert .crt .key or .pfx to .pem