EC2 ELB Godaddy Cert

Adding Godaddy Cert to EC2 ELB

Setup AWS Command Line Interface

Setup instructions are found here:

Define your files and run these commands:

# define these

echo "converting to pem format"
openssl rsa -in ${crtdomain}.key -out aws-${crtdomain}.key
openssl x509 -in ${crtdomain}.crt -out aws-${crtdomain}.crt -outform PEM

echo "uploading certificate ${crtdomain} to Amazon"
aws iam upload-server-certificate \
--certificate-body file://aws-${crtdomain}.crt \
--private-key file://aws-${crtdomain}.key \
--certificate-chain file://${crtchain} \
--server-certificate-name ${crtdomain}

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