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Howto: Create a Sitemap and Submit it to Google

First, Sign up for Google’s webmaster tools: Now it’s time to generate your sitemap, download and install DRKSpider: DRKSpider is an open source tool to create sitemaps. Start up DRKSpider and follow these steps: Click File – New Enter Site Name hit okay Once scan finishes click File – Export Select “Plain text... » read more

Howto: Web Application Exploits and Defenses

Want to learn how to hack a website? This tutorial -> explains how to attack and defend against: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Client-State Manipulation Cross-Site Request Forgery (XSRF) Cross Site Script Inclusion (XSSI) Denial of Service Code Execution Configuration Vulnerabilities AJAX vulnerabilities Other Vulnerabilities (Buffer Overflow, Integer Overflow. SQL Injection)

Howto: Fix a Slow Bitnami Redmine Stack

Problem: Redmine is running super slow. Version: Bitnami Redmine Stack on Windows The Fix 1. Run MySQL System Tray Monitor (accessible from either of these methods): Start menu – MySql – MySQL System Tray Monitor “C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Tools for 5.0\MySQLSystemTrayMonitor.exe” 2. Right click on system tray icon and from the popup menu select Actions ->... » read more

Howto: Fix an oversized modellog.ldf

modellog.ldf too big? First try to figure out what’s using the log file: use [model] select (sum(size) * (8192/1024)) / 1024 from dbo.sysfiles WHERE (status & 0x40) 0 DBCC SQLPERF(LOGSPACE) select ceiling((sum(size) * (8192.0/1024.0)) / 1024.0) from dbo.sysfiles exec sp_spaceused DBCC SQLPERF(LOGSPACE) It is very unusual that the model database data or log files would... » read more

Ports Used by Windows File Sharing on a Network?

Do you need Microsoft File sharing like \\servername\path to work and it just won’t? Try this from command prompt: telnet servername (port) Example: telnet servername 137 If a black screen appears then the port is open (this is for TCP) If you get an error then ask your firewall team to allow connections from your... » read more

How To: Move an SVN Repo

Example Details Hotcopy or rsync the repository to the new location original location: /usr/local/svn/miller new location: /u1/svn_spill/miller With svnhotcopy svnadmin hotcopy /usr/local/svn/miller /u1/svn_spill/miller With rsync Ensure you have blocked access via apache to the repository that you are moving ### Use below config for moving repositories ### <Location /svn/miller> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </Location>... » read more