TouchSmart 4 fix 9993 error

June 26, 2011

That error occurs because of HP’s script to block folks from installing the app. Here’s the fix

The easiest way around this is to just install the application update

1. download the update (first link below) to your machine (file is called sp49865.exe).

2. Extract it with 7zip

3. From that directory browse to subdirectory \src\SWSETUP\APP\Prereq2\HP\SmartCenter\4.0\src\

4.  Run SetupHPTouchSmart.msi

5. App will install but will not notify you that it completed

Now install all the sweet addons!

Note: story remains the same with the add-ons (extract .exe and find the .msi installer and run it)

ex: the browser app msi lives at sp49873\src\SWSETUP\APP\Applications\HP\TSBrowser\4.1.0014\Browser\src

HP TouchSmart Music Station Application Update (Countries/Regions within