visio error 106

If you are receiving this error:

Microsoft Office Visio
“An error (106) occurred during the action Check Out File.  Bad disk failure.”  OK.


The issue is that you are trying to save to a folder you don’t have rights to save to.


If you are using a sharepoint folder you need to install and run this to fix the problem:


If you are using dropbox then the folder is conflicted between two different machines (likely between windows/mac hosts).   This has been a long running problem for DropBox and you are out of luck, just create a new folder and save there.

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    Got the same problem (error 106) while saving a diagram from visio on to Dropbox space. As per above, there was no remedy but I turned the Dropbox sync off for and then tried saving. The document was saved without the error. Visio looks happy too. A simple trick.

    Good Luck!

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