shred files on Centos

August 30, 2013

Here’s a handy alias for shredding files on CentOS alias shred=’shred -v -n 1 -z -u’

chkconfig with color on centos

August 29, 2013

alias chkconfig=”chkconfig | perl -pe ‘use Term::ANSIColor; s/\bon\b/color(\”green\”).on.color(\”reset\”)/ige;'” or to permit passing an agrument: function chkconfig(){ […]

nano syntax highlighting

August 29, 2013

nano syntax highlighting This article describes how to get syntax highlighting in the command line emacs […]

my bash prompt

August 28, 2013

Installation Modify ~/.bashrc and append this line PS1=”\n\[\e[32;1m\][\[\e[37;1m\]\u@\h:\[\e[37;1m\]\w\[\e[32;1m\]]\\$ \[\e[0m\]” My Bash Prompt To replace yours in […]

Setup Email on Centos

August 28, 2013

To setup email on Centos 6 run these commands yum -y install sendmail mailutils chkconfig –levels […]

Add Current PATH to crontab

August 23, 2013

Add Current PATH to crontab Are you sick of your cron job failing because you are […]

self deleting bash script

August 20, 2013

How to create a bash script that deletes itself This script will delete itself via the […]

remove magnify.exe

August 13, 2013

Problem You hate magnify.exe yet you are unable to delete magnify.exe Solution Take ownership of magnify.exe […]

Install byobu Ubuntu Precise

August 13, 2013

To fix the infinite scrolling issue with byobu and Ubuntu precise install it the following way: […]