Ubuntu 20.04 Privilege Escalation

November 10, 2020

Here is a nice article on privilege escalation in Ubuntu 20.04: https://securitylab.github.com/research/Ubuntu-gdm3-accountsservice-LPE

Block Countries Behind ELB

October 14, 2013

To block countries behind an ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) you should use Maxmind’s GeoIP Country Database. […]

Ubuntu Set Timezone to UTC

October 2, 2013

Objective: Set Timezone to UTC on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Howto You will be using tzdata and […]

nohup example

September 19, 2013

here’s a nohup example: nohup nice -n -19 /bin/bash cidr_to_ipset.sh all_countries.txt 2>&1 >/root/cidr_to_ipset_output.log </dev/null & nohup […]

nano syntax highlighting

August 29, 2013

nano syntax highlighting This article describes how to get syntax highlighting in the command line emacs […]

my bash prompt

August 28, 2013

Installation Modify ~/.bashrc and append this line PS1=”\n\[\e[32;1m\][\[\e[37;1m\]\u@\h:\[\e[37;1m\]\w\[\e[32;1m\]]\\$ \[\e[0m\]” My Bash Prompt To replace yours in […]