Export Omnigraffle License

Howto Export Omnigraffle License Steps Open up terminal Browse to /Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/Omni Group/Software Licenses You should see a file ending in “.omnilicense” (that’s your license file!) Take note of the file permissions Copy it to a safe place!  

robocopy errorlevel causes a failed jenkins build
robocopy errorlevel causes a failed jenkins build

Recently, I noticed that the robocopy and Jenkins were not playing nice. My jobs kept failing even though robocopy was succeeding. Eventually I figured out that Jenkins was expecting an error code of 0 to be returned and robocopy was returning error code 1 (as a success). The following screenshot explains everything.  You will also find... » read more

free screen sharing collaboration

The web has finally given rise to “instant meetings” which are basically free screen sharing collaboration web based applications.   Two popular sites in this category include Mikogo and Join.Me.     They both offer additional features for a paid price.   Join.Me Pricing pro features all the goodies in free, plus presenter swap pro desktop app... » read more

Detecting Alternate Data Streams
Detecting Alternate Data Streams

Let’s get started detecting streams (ADS) What is an stream? An stream is essentially a hidden file within another file (.txt, .jpg, .mp3, .exe, etc) Why should I care? Files can contain malicious streams and compromise your machine Creating an stream Open up command prompt and run this in a directory echo 'the password is... » read more

lotus notes outgoing mailbox

To access the lotus notes outgoing mailbox open the databases do a File->Database->Open or CTRL+O Select server “Local” or “On My Computer” In field “File Name:” type in mail.box or smtp.box in the filename (mail is for regular lotus notes mail, smtp is if you use pop) Click OK CAREFUL: Do not delete mail.box on... » read more

Best wordpress Plugins Improve your Blog

Akismet This one’s a no-brainer as it’s included with the initial install of WordPress and is a great first line of defense against Spam comments. Even for blogs that get very little traffic, Akismet is a critical addition as more than 80% of comments are in fact Spam. To get Akismet up and running, you’ll... » read more

wordpress permalink fix broken permalinks howto step by step!

How to fix broken permalinks in wordpress. Fixes blank pages and non-working links. My problem was that links like this would work: http://brakertech.com/?wordpress-permalink-fix/ but links like this would not: http://brakertech.com/wordpress-permalink-fix/ Basically i thought the apache mod rewrite rule was working, just not accounting for the question mark.  However, after turning on heavy rewrite logging i... » read more

snort sniffer mode

To run snort in sniffer mode you must use the -v (verbose) option.  This is also known as “packet dump” mode. Some other handy switches to run along with -v are: -d  : Dump the application layer -e  :  Display the second layer header info [email protected]:~$ sudo /usr/local/snort/bin/snort -dev -i eth2 Running in packet dump... » read more