centos iptables howto

July 28, 2011

centos iptables howto Copy live iptables configuration to iptables.old in user’s home directory: # cp /etc/sysconfig/iptables […]

recursively hash directory

July 28, 2011

need to recursively hash directory ? Then you need hashdeep created by the us government. It […]

setup vnc-server on ubuntu 8.04

July 13, 2011

Objective: To have vncserver setup with gdm on the host so that a remote vnc connection […]

convert ascii mysql db to utf8

July 13, 2011

how to convert ascii mysql db to utf8 ? I had a MyISAM mediawiki 1.11.0 database […]

undefined function session_name()

July 12, 2011

undefined function session_name() to fix this on freebsd: you must install: /usr/ports/www/php5-session

redhat install uuencode

July 11, 2011

Note If you just want to see the yum command for Redhat install uuencode skip to […]