php mysql update variable

Goal: Update wordpress post with PHP cli < ?php $con = mysql_connect("localhost","root","[redacted]"); if (!$con) { echo "Unable to connect to DB: " . mysql_error(); exit; } if (!mysql_select_db("wordpress")) { echo "Unable to select mydbname: " . mysql_error(); exit; } $myfileText = mysql_real_escape_string(file_get_contents('./code_for_wordpress.html',true)); $sql = "UPDATE `[your_instance_prefix]_posts` SET `post_content` = '$myfileText' WHERE `ID` like '1397';"; $result . . . → Read More: php mysql update variable

wordpress plugin pre syntax

A great plugin to use to get syntax specific pre statements is “Prettify GC Syntax Highlighter”

Found here

You can also change prettyprint to: prettyprint lang-YOURLANG and

Replace YOURLANG with one of the following:

aea agc apollo bsh c cc cl cpp cs csh css-str cv cxx cyc default-markup el fs go hs htm . . . → Read More: wordpress plugin pre syntax

working wordpress google sitemap plugin

working wordpress google sitemap plugin


I looked forever and finally found a plugin that correctly generates a google sitemap. Christ! It took forever!

Simple Google Sitemap XML Version 1.4.1 | By iTx Technologies | Visit plugin site


fix tumblrize plugin error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_FUNCTION in tumblrize.php on line 636

This is caused by wrong code opening tag on line 462