robocopy errorlevel causes a failed jenkins build

Robocopy Causes a Failed Jenkins Build

Recently, I noticed that the robocopy and Jenkins were not playing nice. My jobs kept failing even though robocopy was succeeding.

Eventually I figured out that Jenkins was expecting an error code of 0 to be returned and robocopy was returning error code 1 (as a success).

The following screenshot explains everything. You will also . . . → Read More: robocopy errorlevel causes a failed jenkins build

Howto: Make Hudson HTTPS (Windows)

I am assuming you have installed hudson as a service in windows and that hudson lives in C:\hudson

Use a tool called Portecle to import your valid cert and export it as a java keystore file (.jks). Remember to use THE SAME PASSWORD FOR ALL PROMPTS IN THAT PROGRAM (or you will run in to . . . → Read More: Howto: Make Hudson HTTPS (Windows)