multiple reverse proxy host broken

April 13, 2012

Nathan Bridgewater explained how to configure multiple reverse proxies properly with apache and IIS (without losing […]

Fix HTTP Error 401.3 IIS 6.0

March 2, 2012

Details This particular error is indicating that some file in your site’s directory structure does not […]

iis 6.0 script 301 redirect

February 5, 2012

How can you script a 301 redirect in IIS 6.0? @REM Redirect site #1 in IIS […]

Run IIS6 in 32 bit mode

October 5, 2011

To run IIS6 in 32bit mode you need to run these commands: cscript %SYSTEMDRIVE%\inetpub\adminscripts\adsutil.vbs SET W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32bitAppOnWin64 […]

list all host headers iis

May 11, 2011

source: Option Explicit On Error Resume Next Dim objBaseNode, objChildNode Dim objBindings, intBindings Dim objFSO, […]

reinstall script

January 6, 2011

Here’s a reinstall script: This example is for 4.0 on a 64 bit system, […]

Howto: Print Site IDs to File in IIS

August 24, 2010

First create a file called c:\listsites.vbs with the following content: OPTION EXPLICIT DIM CRLF, TAB DIM […]