Redmine Alert on New Admin or Public Project

Problem: How can I receive an email when the Redmine admin list changes or a project is changed to publicly viewable? You will need to run some mysql commands / queries in windows batch mode. Solution: Download blat and place in c:\windows\system32 Create directory c:\1admin and place these files in it: These are the queries... » read more

Howto: Migrate IIS Sites to Another Server

First you need to install the  IIS 6.0 Migration Tool For each Web site and virtual directory on the source server, you must create a corresponding Web site and virtual directory on the target server. Later in the migration process, you will copy the content into these Web sites and virtual directories. Create the Web... » read more

Ports Used by Windows File Sharing on a Network?

Do you need Microsoft File sharing like \\servername\path to work and it just won’t? Try this from command prompt: telnet servername (port) Example: telnet servername 137 If a black screen appears then the port is open (this is for TCP) If you get an error then ask your firewall team to allow connections from your... » read more