HowTo: Harden Bitnami WampStack WordPress Install

Hardening your Windows Bitnami WampStack WordPress Install: By default apache runs under an account with read/write to your entire machine, let’s fix that! CREATING USERS 1. Create two new local users named apache and filezilla. 2. Add filezilla to the group administrators 3. Click Start -> Run 4. Type services.msc & hit enter 5. Find... » read more

Howto: Backup your Bitnami Stack’s MySQL DB

Below I will explain how to take nightly backups of your MySQL database Download and Install: MYSQL GUI Tools 7zip Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to obtain robocopy After you install the tools bring up a command prompt and run these commands to copy robocopy to our working folder (1BACKUP_MYSQL): cd \ cd ..... » read more