Bulk Lookup Owner of IP Address

To perform a bulk whois lookup of a list of IP addresses use the following script:

Bulk whois lookup while read ip; do if [ ! -z “$ip” ]; then echo -n “$ip – ” && whois $ip 2>/dev/null grep “Organization” -m 1; fi; done < ip_list.txt Example input (ip_list.txt) Output . . . → Read More: Bulk Lookup Owner of IP Address

How to Perform Bulk IP Lookup – Location and Owner

I recently analyzed a pcap file with a large list of destination addresses. In order to quickly determine the owner of those IP addresses I found this one liner.

# cat ips.txt | xargs -I% curl -s http://ipinfo.io/%/org | paste -d”,” ips.txt –

Source: https://ipinfo.io/developers/bulk-lookups