useful active directory scripts

Scripts to manage Active Directory Users Appending a Multi-Valued Attribute Appending a Phone Number Adding a Route to the Dial-In Properties of a User Account Adding a User to Two Security Groups Appending Address Page Information for a User Account Appending a Home Phone Number to a User Account Assigning a Published Certificate to a... » read more

Red Hat Linux cheat sheet commands examples RHEL

Useful Linux Commands (Red Hat) ( Revised 3/1/2000 Getting information man commandname display the manual page for a particular command named commandname man -S sectionnumber commandname display the manual page under a specific section numbered sectionnumber for the command named commandname. Sometimes the same command will exist in more than one section. man alone will... » read more

Howto: See if a local port is listening from command prompt

List local/remote socket and PID  for all TCP connections in “Established” state: netstat -ano | find /i "established" List local/remote socket for all TCP connections in “Established” state (sometimes you get more than above): netstat -an | find /i "established" List connections over time (netstat_check_connections.bat): @echo off for /L %%X in (1,1,4) do (netstat -b... » read more

Howto: Resize Virtual PC 2007 Virtual Machine

This is a two step process: 1. Use VHDResizer to resize the partition, download here 2. Use gparted to expand the partition, download here Details on VHDResizer (from VhdExpand is now VhdResize. VhdResize will resize Microsoft’s VHD files and will also convert between Fixed and Dynamic file types. This is a sector by sector copy operation... » read more

Howto: Move Windows Update and Service Pack Files to Another Drive

Problem Windows Server 2003 C partition is running out of disk space Soultion Move service pack and update files Example d:\1admin will be the path we are copying files to Move the following files: c:\windows\$NtUninstall* to D:\1admin\Windows Update Files c:\windows\ServicePackFiles to D:\1admin\ServicePackFiles C:\WINDOWS\ie8updates to D:\1admin\ie8updates Change these Registry keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup = D:\1admin\ServicePackFiles\servicepackcache HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup = D:\1admin\ServicePackFiles... » read more

Linux find large files

How do you find large files or directories on your disk in freebsd, unix, linux ? Linux find large files examples; find large files on your disk in *nix. All *nix systems List total size of each directory/file at current path level du -sk * | sort -rn | head Example output: [[email protected] /]# du... » read more

How can a sniffer connect to see all traffic?

Connect it to SPAN/mirror/monitor port on switch if available.  All traffic to any port on switch also gets copied to the mirror port (which allows sniffer to see all traffic).  If switch is overwhelmed with traffic the packets may be dropped to the mirror.  Also a hub can be used. ARP poisoning can be used... » read more