Convert djvu to pdf mac

convert djvu to pdf mac

How can you convert a djvu file to a PDF


Follow these steps:

  1. Download DjVuLibre, an open source program.
  2. Post-install open up your djvu file using DjVULibre
  3. Select “export as”: djvu export as Convert djvu to pdf mac2
  4. Select format “PDF Document”: djvu save Convert djvu to pdf mac
  5. Hit OK.
  6. Your document should now be converting: djvu convert in progress Convert djvu to pdf mac

Restoring Searchable Text

You will notice that your PDF is basically just a bunch of screenshots.  If you want searchable text you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Professional. Link to free trial here.

Instructions to convert the PDF so the text is selectable and searchable

Using Adobe Acrobat Professional, follow these steps:

  1. Open the PDF
  2. Select the “Document” Menu
  3. Click “OCR Text Recognition”
  4. Click “Recognize Text Using OCR…”

    pdf ocr Convert djvu to pdf mac That’s how you can convert djvu to pdf mac

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