recursively hash directory

need to recursively hash directory ?

Then you need hashdeep created by the us government. It is free and it is fast!

It is part of the md5deep project (man page here).

They do have a decent start guide which can be found here but i’m providing a quickstart.


Download md5deep (which includes hash deep), in this case it is for windows

1. Extract the archive (example extract to c:\md5deep)
2. browse to the extract location with command prompt

 cd c:\md5deep

3. Copy the exe’s to a directory that can be read anywhere

copy *.exe c:\windows\system32 

4. Recursively hash c:\temp to a file called c:\hashes.txt

C:\>hashdeep64 -r c:\temp\* > c:\hashes.txt

5. Verify the hashes in c:\hashes.txt against the files in c:\temp

hashdeep64: Audit passed

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