backbeat bluetooth cannot pair windows 7

April 19, 2012

I recently ran in to an issue where I was unable to pair my BackBeat 903 bluetooth headset with my windows 7 machine.

Why this is occuring

The reason for this because you have already paired it with another machine and you need to clear that pair.

This is explained at the Plantronics FAQ:

BackBeat 903/903+/906: Multipoint Information

Yes, the BackBeat headsets do have multipoint technology; however, there are limitations. You can pair it with:

  • Two devices if one device has the A2DP Bluetooth profile and the other device has the Handset or Handsfree Bluetooth profile.
  • Only one device if it has both the A2DP AND either the Handset or Handsfree Bluetooth profiles. If you have already paired with a device that has A2DP and either the Handset or Handsfree Bluetooth profiles, the headset will not pair with a second device.

How to fix the issue

Follow the reset instructions provided by Plantronics:

BackBeat 903/906: How to Reset

How to Reset a BackBeat 903/906


Sometimes the headset may lock itself up.  There is a simple way to unlock them.

Issue: The headset may show a light when connecting to the charger but when you try to turn it on it does nothing.

How to perform a system reset

1 – Start with the headset off (no light).

2 – Press and hold the on/off button and without letting go plug in the AC charger (you will see steady light on the headset).

3 – Let go of the on/off button as soon as you see the steady light.

4 – Unplug the AC charger from the headset.

5 – Test the headset to see if the reset was successful.

If this does not resolve your issue you may have to replace the headset through our Serivce Center