Disable Screen Lock on Kali Linux 2020

March 1, 2020


Kali Linux keeps locking the screen when not used for a short period of time


You need to configure “Light Locker” to stop automatically locking the session.


  1. Click the icon at the top left of the screen (Kali Linux Logo)
  2. From the popup menu, click “Settings”
  3. From the next popup menu, click “Power Manager”
  4. Confirm that “XfcePower Manager” window has opened
  5. In the “XfcePower Manager” window, click the tab “Security”
  6. From the “Security” tab:
    • Change drop down “Automatically lock this session” to “Never”
    • Uncheck “Lock screen when system is going to sleep”
Kali Linux 2020 Disable Screen Saver Lock

How to disable screen saver / screen lock on Kali Linux 2020