Howto Jailbreak Your PS3 with HTC Aria

October 31, 2010

PS3 Jailbreak with HTC Aria

(thank you

Download (mirrors):


  • Rooted Phone
  • ROM using 2.6.29
  • Terminal Emulator


  • ClockworkMod Recovery


1. Grab the above ZIP File (Aria_Freedom)

2. Place ZIP file on /sdcard/

3. Reboot to Recovery

4. Make a Nandroid (this is for restoring your BOOT partition)

6. Flash

7. Restart Phone

8. Make sure your touch screen is working (should be)

9. In a Terminal Emulator, and enter: insmod /system/lib/modules/psfreedom.ko

10. Jailbreak PS3 as per instructions here:


1. Reboot into Recovery (remember USB doesn’t work, so you’ll have to use HOME+POWER or VOLDOWN+POWER depending on Recovery Image)

2. If using ClockworkMod Recovery (recommended)

  2A. Select Nandroid
  2B. Select Advanced Restore
  2C. Select the backup to use
  2D. Select Restore Boot
  2E. Goto step 4

3. If using Amon_RA you will need to do a full nandroid restore

4. Reboot the phone!