Mac MySQL GUI Tool

August 29, 2012

Mac MySQL GUI Tool Sequel Pro

Best Looking MySQL Cocoa App.
Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases.
Flexible Connectivity.
Sequel Pro gives you direct access to your MySQL databases on local and remote servers.
Perfect Web Development Companion.
Whether you are a Mac Web Developer, Programmer or Software Developer your workflow will be streamlined with a native Mac OS X application!
Power Users rejoice!
New in Sequel Pro 0.9.9 we have Tabs, Bundles, new import and export interfaces and a slew of new keyboard shortcuts for getting you from Goto Woah!
Ready for Lion!
Go fullscreen with Sequel Pro — Mac OS X Lion is now fully supported in the latest version.
What’s coming next?
Our next major milestone is a 1.0 release* which should contain lots of goodies that we haven’t even thought up yet.