Pentest Service Enumeration

August 10, 2021



Suggests binaries to run against services found during the enumeration phase of a Pentest


Steve Stonebraker


While studying for the Offensive Security Certified Profesional (OSCP) certification I found it hard to keep track of which commands to run during the enumeration phase for specific services.

The purpose of this tool is easily keep track of those commands.

Install Instructions

git clone cd Pentest-Service-Enumeration ./
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How to use

Pentest Service Enumeration: 0.0.2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LISTING EXISTING COMMANDS: Usage: pse <service-name> (Ex: ftp, rdp, http) -v: verbose - print command description Examples [*] pse ftp [*] pse -v ftp (for verbose) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STORING A NEW COMMAND WITH ARGUMENTS Usage: pse -a <service-name> '<command> <arg1> <argX>' note: You must use single quotes around your command Examples [*] pse -a rpc 'rpcinfo $IP' [*] pse -a smb ' $HOST/$USERNAME:$PASSWORD@$IP' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Basic Usage

To view basic usage just type:


List all available Services

pse -l [*] listing all services that have pse stored commands ftp http linpriv mimikatz rpc smb smtp snmp ssh webdav
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Listing commands for a service

pse <service-name> Example: pse smb
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Default view

The default view does not include descriptions for commands

Verbose view

The verbose view includes descriptions for commands

pse -v <service-name> Example: pse -v smb
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Adding commands for a service

In this example I am adding the dirb command for the https service


I’m listing out what already exists for the http service

Add the command

Add command dirb for service http

pse -a http 'dirb http://$IP -r -o $OUTPUTFILE'
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A view of the commands for the http service after I’ve added the dirb http command:

Variable Expansion

Currently only \$IP and \$PORT will be expanded (if set)

Example: IP= pse http