Querying McAfee ePo on End User Machines

Code loop through a range of IPs and query McAfee epo on client machines

# Loop through IP address - and print out
# the computer name and the agent version

echo "" > output;
for ((i=10;i<=20;i++))
    # -s   Silent Curl
    # -m 1 Wait no longer than 1 second per host
    curl -s -m 1 "http://10.0.0.${i}:8081/LoadProductNames" >> output
jq "[.[] | { Agent: .AgentHostName, Version: .Version }]" output | grep -v "null" | grep -A 1 "Agent"

Sample Output

   "Agent": "computer01",
    "Version": ""
    "Agent": "computer02",
    "Version": ""
    "Agent": "computer03",
    "Version": ""
    "Agent": "computer04",
    "Version": ""
    "Agent": "computer05",
    "Version": ""

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