wordpress permalink fix broken permalinks howto step by step!

How to fix broken permalinks in wordpress. Fixes blank pages and non-working links. My problem was that links like this would work: http://brakertech.com/?wordpress-permalink-fix/ but links like this would not: http://brakertech.com/wordpress-permalink-fix/ Basically i thought the apache mod rewrite rule was working, just not accounting for the question mark.  However, after turning on heavy rewrite logging i... » read more

Howto: Fix Battery Life on HTC Aria

When I first got my Aria i was appalled by the battery life… this is how i fixed it Download and use “Advanced Task Killer” app to kill background programs Modify/disable how frequently apps are updating: Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & Sync Modify Location Settings: Turn off  “Use GPS satellites” for sure Uncheck “Use... » read more

Howto: Fix a Slow Bitnami Redmine Stack

Problem: Redmine is running super slow. Version: Bitnami Redmine Stack on Windows The Fix 1. Run MySQL System Tray Monitor (accessible from either of these methods): Start menu – MySql – MySQL System Tray Monitor “C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Tools for 5.0\MySQLSystemTrayMonitor.exe” 2. Right click on system tray icon and from the popup menu select Actions ->... » read more