Howto: Fix Battery Life on HTC Aria

When I first got my Aria i was appalled by the battery life… this is how i fixed it

Download and use “Advanced Task Killer” app to kill background programs
Modify/disable how frequently apps are updating:

Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & Sync
Modify Location Settings:

  • Turn off  “Use GPS satellites” for sure
  • Uncheck “Use wireless networks” (keep in mind Maps won’t be able to find you if this is off so you may have to toggle it manually or just leave it on)
Lower your brightness to as low as you can stand it:

Menu -> Settings -> Sound & Display -> Brightness (keep scrolling down you will see it)
Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth when you aren’t using them
Keep tabs on what is eating up the most of your battery time

Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery Use

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