useful active directory scripts

Scripts to manage Active Directory Users Appending a Multi-Valued Attribute Appending a Phone Number Adding a Route to the Dial-In Properties of a User Account Adding a User to Two Security Groups Appending Address Page Information for a User Account Appending a Home Phone Number to a User Account Assigning a Published Certificate to a... » read more

Red Hat Linux cheat sheet commands examples RHEL

Useful Linux Commands (Red Hat) ( Revised 3/1/2000 Getting information man commandname display the manual page for a particular command named commandname man -S sectionnumber commandname display the manual page under a specific section numbered sectionnumber for the command named commandname. Sometimes the same command will exist in more than one section. man alone will... » read more

dead rising 2 combo cards

Dead Rising 2 Combo Cards Guide Air Horn: Pylon + Spray Paint – Spray paint can be found on the roof of the safe house, or in the alley behind the Sheriff’s Office. Pylons are on the street outside the quarantine zone. Or Give Kathy a toy. Auger- Pitchfork and Drill Motor. Beam Katana –... » read more