dead rising 2 combo cards

October 10, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Combo Cards Guide

  • Air Horn: Pylon + Spray Paint – Spray paint can be found on the roof of the safe house, or in the alley behind the Sheriff’s Office. Pylons are on the street outside the quarantine zone. Or Give Kathy a toy.
  • Auger- Pitchfork and Drill Motor.
  • Beam Katana – Flashlight with Gems.
  • Beam Sword-Flashlight and Jewelry. Where to find: in the Mall.
  • Beer Hat: Construction Hat + Beer – Several beers can be found in the Dirty Drink. The construction hat is a bit trickier; from the rooftop where the survivor Bob camps out, make your way to the fire escape behind the Still Creek Hotel. Jump across the alley to the opposite building, and look for a metal bridge connecting two rooftops. Just to the left of the bridge is the construction hat.
  • Blambow – Bow and Arrow with Dynamite
  • Blitzkrieg – Wheelchair +n LMG
  • Boomstick: Shotgun + Pitchfork – An endless supply of pitchforks can be found in Big Buck Hardware. The shotgun is found in the Sheriff’s Office, on the second floor. The office is locked from the front, so you’ll have to enter from the rear alley.
  • Defiler – Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe
  • Drill Bucket: Bucket + Power Drill – Both items can be found in the scrapyard within the safe house.
  • Driller- Power Drill and Spear. Where to find: Level up to Level 24.
  • Dynameat – Hunk of Meat with Dynamite
  • Electric Chair- Electric Chair and Battery. Where to find: Level up to Lvl 15.
  • Electric Rake: Rake + Battery – The rake is in Big Buck Hardware, and the battery is on top of a dumpster in the alley behind the Still Creek Movie Theater.
  • Exsanguinator – Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade
  • Fire Spitter – Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch
  • Flamethrower – Water Gun + Gasoline Canister
  • Flaming Gloves – Created by combining Boxing Gloves with Motor Oil
  • Fountain Lizard – Lizard Mask with Fountain Fireworks
  • Freedom Bear – Robot Bear +n LMG
  • Freezer Bomb – Fire Extinguisher with Dynamite
  • Gem Blower- Jewelry (gems) and the Leaf Blower
  • Hacker- a Flashlight + Computer Case. Where to get: Level up to Lvl. 12.
  • Hail Mary – Football + Grenade
  • Heliblade- Toy Helicopter and Machete. Where to get: Level up to Lvl 20
  • Holy Arms- Sword and Nails.
  • I.E.D: Propane Tank + Box of Nails – Propane tanks and boxes of nails can be found in the safe house, or in the maintenance room next to Big Buck Hardware.
  • Infernal Arms- Sword and Motor Oil.
  • Knife Gloves – Created by combining Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife
  • Molotov: Whiskey + Newspaper – Newspapers litter the streets of Still Creek, and can be located many places along the main strip. Whiskey can be found in the Dirty Drink bar.
  • Paddlesaw: Chainsaw + Paddle – Chainsaws can be found in Big Buck Hardware, and the paddle is lying on the ground next to the first building on the right when you exit the safe house, across the street.
  • Parablower- Parasol and Leaf Blower
  • Plate Launcher – Created by combining Plates + Round Saw
  • Pole Weapon- Machete and Push Broom
  • Porta-Mower – Lawnmower + 2×4.
  • Power Guitar- Electric Guitar and Amplifier
  • Rocket Launcher – Lead Pipe with Rocket Fireworks
  • Slicecycle – Dirt Bike + Chainsaw.
  • Snowball Cannon – Water Gun + Fire Extinguisher
  • Spear Launcher- Leaf BLower and Spear
  • Spiked Bat: Baseball Bat + Box of Nails – Both the bat and nails can be found in the gas station safe house. More nails can be found in the maintenance room adjacent to Big Buck Hardware.
  • Sticky- Lawn Dart and Dynamite.
  • Super BFG- BFG and Amplifier
  • Super Slicer – Servbot Novelty Mask and a Toy Helicopter
  • Taser – Flashlight and a Computer Case
  • Tenderizers – Box of Nails with MMA gloves
  • Tesla Ball – Bingo Ball Cage and a Battery
  • Websites related to Dead Rising 2:
    -Official Site –
    -Zombrex –
    -Tape it or Die – – This blog is a site devoted to explaining the in and outs of living in Chuck Greene’s world. It is run by 3 guys and 1 girl from different parts of the US telling about day to day activities in a slowly overrunning zombie filled society. Fortune City itself, the Terror is Reality show, killer moves, strip poker (!). It’s updated daily.
    -Visit Fortune City – – The Tourist Website that also advertises their most important commodity – ‘Terror is Reality!’
    -C.U.R.E – – Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality – Basically this group are what PETA is to Hamburgers. They are a big pain in the ass to everything zombie related and are trying to make Zombrex a right for everyone.
    -Votecure – – The Uk equivalent of C.U.R.E. They are trying to insert themselves into Parliament on a Green party Platform.
    -Zombrex Dead Rising Sun –

    UK Exclusive gets your a free ‘Bloody Tourist’!

    US Exclusive includes a syringe of life-saving Zombrex medicine (which looks suspiciously like a pen), along with a Zombrex safety information card, sales brochure, and 25-page prescription pad. The steelbook case also includes materials not related to fictional anti-undeadifying pharmaceuticals, including a Dead Rising 2 artbook, and a disc with a “Making of” featurette. The Xbox 360 version will also include the Zombrex Dead Rising Sun film, while the PS3 version will include a voucher for a dynamic theme.

    UPDATE 8/27/2010: Capcom decides it needs to release its own Exclusive Pack: The Limited Edition “High Stakes” for 90.00 bucks. … 2933065659

    The special edition includes a high end Fortune City poker set, the unique ‘Psycho’ skills pack DLC, an awesome Fortune City Visitor Map that unfolds to a larger size like a real tourist map, and a chance to own a giant six feet tall zombie replica!!!

    The Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition Includes:
    + Dead Rising 2 Game (Xbox 360 or PS3)
    + Poker set in a black high-impact case sporting the Fortune City logo and including:
    + 100 poker chips- 4 different colors featuring the Fortune City logo
    + 2 decks of ‘blood-stained’ custom playing cards featuring character art
    + 5 green dice
    + 1 ‘blood-stained’ dealer chip
    + Fortune City Visitor Map featuring the game map and ads for Fortune City locations and attractions
    + Terror is Reality XVII admission ticket with redemption code for the unique Psycho skills pack downloadable content
    + One Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition will contain the ‘Golden’ Terror Is Reality XVII admission ticket, which is redeemable for Burt the Zombie, a 6’ Dead Rising 2 zombie replica