First, Sign up for Google’s webmaster tools:

Now it’s time to generate your sitemap, download and install DRKSpider:

DRKSpider is an open source tool to create sitemaps.

Start up DRKSpider and follow these steps:

  1. Click File – New
  2. Enter Site Name
  3. hit okay
  4. Once scan finishes click File – Export
  5. Select “Plain text sitemap” option
  6. Hit okay
  7. Save your sitemap .txt file to a path on your webserver (example:
  8. Navigate back to Google’s webmaster tools:
  9. Click “Site Configuration”
  10. Click “Sitemaps”
  11. Input the path to your sitemap .txt file
  12. That’s it!

Google’s official documentation on sitemaps can be found here:

The best part is this was free and open source! That’s the end of the tutorial

Last modified: June 26, 2010



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