Howto: Fix WP Super Cache Manager Cache Directory Writable Error

July 7, 2010

Receiving an error like this?

WP Super Cache Manager
Error: Your cache directory (C:\Program Files\BitNami WAMPStack\apps\wordpress\htdocs/wp-content/cache/) or C:\Program Files\BitNami WAMPStack\apps\wordpress\htdocs/wp-content need to be writable for this plugin to work. Double-check it.
Cannot continue... fix previous problems 

To Fix:

1. Click Start -> Run
2. Type services.msc & hit enter
3. Find the service running apache (ex: wampsstackAPache)
4. See what username it is running on
5. Change permissions on C:\Program Files\BitNami WAMPStack\apps\wordpress\htdocs/wp-content/cache/ and give the username found in step for read write permissions to that directory